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Time To Make The Isabela.


The school photographer made pictures of our kids and their classes and sent them to us. They are truly very nice. We take tons of pictures ourselves, but hardly ever print them. Instead, we watch them on the computer screen. Getting these paper pictures made me realize how nice it is to have paper pictures that you do not have to search for and then open, that are easy to take with you and still, they can be scanned and sent by email to relatives abroad. However we ordered quite a few in different sizes, so we will give them ...

Mom is worried

I'm going on my life's journey. I'll hike the Inca Trail and be gone in a few months. I bought a ticket valid for six months. So we'll see how it goes. If i like it and i feel great, I might stick and If i dont I have the freedom to go home. My mom is so worried about my safety that she bought a tracking bracelet so that I can quickly alerting her and my frineds nearby. Or if i need to find my way back i can se were i am. 


I wrote an email to the mum her son was disappeared this afternoon at school. I want to know if her son has been found. She was not so worried because her son disappears often and he hides himself on toilettes or basements. I really hope that he is back already. Meanwhile I am worried although I realize that that boy will be back at this time. I hope she reads her email and she will let me know. That will be great news and I can sleep without worrying. On the other hand when they still searching she won’t ...

The Cool Cat

The Cool Lady often had people over for entertaining. Both male and female visitors. She entertained at the dining table right in front of the large window that overlooks the street outside. She and her guests would sit there for hours and enjoy the good food and the cakes she offered. No doubt some fine pastries, like French macaroons, and other kinds. The cat was a constant spectator, and he seemed equally unaffected every time the guests arrived. He sat there on his post in the window and watched the people who hurried by in the street, he seemed completely ...